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Hope Rising

Another year is beginning. What will it bring? Will it bring more of the same as last year? Will things get worse? Or, will things start to get better?


There is always hope on the horizon for all of us. We especially get these feelings for our favorite sports teams at the beginning of the season. “This could be the year,” we say. And as the season goes on we are confirmed in our hope or disappointed. It’s a fact of life that in sports we have to deal with if it ends up that “our team” is not the champion. But it’s different in life, and much different in our lives as Christians.


There is reason to be optimistic even if the world is not going to be optimistic.  There is a glimpse of hope on the horizon for us. Psalm 9:18 But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish. If we want to look at us as being the needy, of which we are. We are in need of God’s love and protection. We are in need of his forgiveness and salvation. There is hope for us. As we are reminded here, God will never forget us. And there is more, “we will never perish.” Those two phrases are hope increasing phrases. We read them and our hope increases.


As we look at ourselves in this world we know that we have hope for a future with our Lord. And even if the world is in turmoil we look to our hope, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and we know that he will never forget us and that we will never perish. It is he who has promised and fulfilled this for us.


So as we move into 2016 let us look forward to a year where we can and always will have hope in our God. Let us look to Him for all of our comfort. And may our 2016 be a blessed one.


In the Hope of Christ with you,

Pastor Bob